Interview with Andrew Chow, Social Media Strategist *Includes: 8 Ps of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs*

Interview with Andrew Chow, Social Media Strategist *Includes: 8 Ps of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs*

Andrew is a speaker and trainer whose lifestyle I admire – he works only 10 days a month! During our chat, he shared with me about how he was involved in ‘Romancing Singapore’ and the dating business for 3 years, during which he learnt how to “romance the media” by essentially being his own PR guy. He now speaks and trains others with his insights on Social Media Strategy, Media Management and Personal Branding. *You’ll find an entire segment below about Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs. 🙂

I asked Andrew about how he knew that this was what he wanted to do in life, and how we can come to such a realization about our own purpose in life.

“Draw out your own future, visualize it. What are you going to bring – gameplan, mentor, foodpack? Life is very simple: you are a traveller. You’ll likely have to step out of your comfort zone. Even though I’ve never sung at a karaoke session before, I went to sing at a charity concert! I’m also going to produce my own album too! The proceeds can go to a trust fund I may name the ‘Andrew Chow Trust Fund’ and it can be used for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) purposes. Rub your rough edges against other entrepreneurs. Most importantly, love life – when you love Life, you’ll look younger too.” 😀

And if you recall how the late Steve Jobs mentioned that we can connect the dots when we look back on what has happened, Andrew has his own method of doing this…

“I have my own report card every year which states my 10 top moments of each year. It’s all about work. I take notes everyday about what I do. After 10 years, I’ll be able to find those dots.”

I think this idea of a report card is pure genius. I’ll certainly want to have a glowing report card end of 2012. 😀

Now, carry on reading to find out more about Andrew and how you can excel in your personal branding as an entrepreneur…

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

In a nutshell, Personal Branding is the process of how we market ourselves to others via all kinds of channels, not limited to just social media.

It is not about achieving excellence but communicating that excellence. Many of us are great in what we do, we are just very weak in telling others how good we really are. My life is a living testimonial of how a good personal branding has transformed my life.

The story of Andrew Chow

In 2005, Only 50 friends on Friendster and Plaxo ,  Google : no mention of “Andrew Chow‘” for first 5 pages . I was never invited to speak in any free workshop let alone a paid speaking engagement. There was not a single interview or article about me from the press and media. I only tried to attend a structured networking session once in 3 months. Naturally, 100 of my business cards will take a year to deplete.

Fast forward to 2012, my Facebook account is maxed out with 5000 friends, I have a page with over 2500 fans all over Asia. My blog is ranked top 500 site in Singapore by Now, I am recognized as a Thought Leader on Social Media and Public Relations Strategy. On the social media front,  I have acumulated over 10,000 profiles from 3 social portals.  In 2011 alone, I was invited to speak in Asia and as far away as in Dubai, UAE. There are now over 220 features and interviews about me on local and regional media over the last 6 years. I have also become a multiple business awards winner.

Road Map of Personal Branding

It is really very simple. Who are you? What do you do? Why are you so unique?

The advantage of good personal branding is that I rarely have to sell. My credibility is almost never questioned. People look forward to working with me or my company. Others do the marketing for me through word of mouth

The fundamental criteria for success in Personal Branding is to be committed to do it consistently. Focus on what makes you special and shows Thought Leadership with the right platforms which make it viral.

8 Ps of Personal  Branding

1.      Create your Profile on different social media platforms

  • a.      Twitter: Do you know who else is similar to you?
  • b.      Blog: What do you blog about that others are interested in?
  • c.       Linkedin: How many quality recommendations do you have?


2.      Develop your own Portal for Network for networking and alliances

  • a.      How do you keep track of your inner circle?
  • b.      Do you have a system to track all the name cards you collect every time?
  • c.       Are you using mobile technology sufficiently?


3.      Work with the right Business Partners

  • a.      What are the business associations which will give you the most leverage?
  • b.      What kind of endorsement can you get from business groups?
  • c.       Who are your best partnership in terms of IT, customer service, printing, etc


4.      Position yourself for more Public Speaking

  • a.      Own your own voice and platform
  • b.      Developing several key notes you can deliver every time
  • c.       Speak with charisma


5.      Publish a book

  • a.      Authors have authority
  • b.      A book is a gateway to more public speaking
  • c.       Your thought leadership is consolidated


6.      Master the art of Media Publicity

  • a.      The media is your best business friend
  • b.      All press and media is interested in human stories
  • c.       You need media if you are managing a crisis


7.      Serve the Public by serving Charity and taking on Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • a.      You are blessed to be a blessing
  • b.      Serving charity and CSR is a form of brand communications
  • c.       You will reap what you sow


8.      Claim your Prize

  • a.      Look out for the right award to win
  • b.      Award winning is a form of authentication to your personal branding
  • c.       Winning awards will give you more opportunity for public speaking, publishing a book and more media attention .

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