33 questions propel your personal brand forward year

33 questions propel your personal brand forward year

With the new year upon us, we are ready to get things moving! I think it’s important to make sure we have our priorities straight and we don’t get distracted or over-complicate what we are doing. If you are a personal brand, here is a list of 33 questions to ask yourself to help propel your personal brand forward in this new year.

Grab a cup of coffee and get your pen and paper ready. Let’s dig in…

  1. What am I an expert on?
  2. What can I promise to people that work with me?
  3. What is the core message I am expressing?
  4. Does my core message line up with my beliefs?
  5. Who are my customers & clients & how well do I know them?
  6. Does my core message resonate with my customers & clients?
  7. Has my message changed over the past year?
  8. What changes do I need to make?
  9. Is my message the same as my competitors?
  10. Do I have a VP (Value Proposition)?
  11. Does my VP need tweaking?
  12. What makes me unique? (What I teach, what I’m about, how I deliver)
  13. Am I holding back who I really am due to fear or uncertainty?
  14. Is my web site/blog reflect my brand message & image? (Hint: ditch the cookie cutter blog theme)
  15. Do my social media updates reflect my brand or does it confuse it?
  16. Do I have a signature product?
  17. If not, what’s stopping me from producing my first signature product?
  18. If so, how can I strategically promote it more this year?
  19. Are there products and/or services that I offer, but need to stop this year?
  20. When people work with me, they can expect ___________?
  21. What can I do to blow their socks off when they are working with me?
  22. What can I send my clients as a special “thank you” once we are done working together.
  23. Do all of my marketing materials express my brand message & image? (Business cards, brochures, etc.)
  24. How can I offer double the amount of value I offered last year to my tribe, customers & clients?
  25. How can I better nurture and grow my online tribe this year?
  26. What are three core things I can do to keep my brand in front of my tribe & prospects consistently this year? (Email, Social Media, workshops, snail mail, etc.)
  27. Have I been spread too thin in my efforts? Do I need to narrow my focus of where and how my brand is seen by others?
  28. Do I have a process in place that gets testimonials effectively from past customers & clients?
  29. When writing content, am I writing for my target audience or the masses?
  30. Am I copying other online authorities & influencers or am I doing my own thing?
  31. How can I better express my personal brand through storytelling?
  32. Am I taking ownership of my personal brand & business? (Not letting excuses, laziness, distractions, obstacles get in my way)
  33. Do I feel clear on who I am, what my brand is about and how I will consistently express it, engage with my target audience this year?

I hope this has been enlightening for you. If you take the time to be honest with yourself and answer all of these questions and implement changes where they are needed, you will be able to take your personal brand to the next level this year.

Let crush it this year! 🙂

Paul Cooley
Paul Cooley is a consultant, speaker, coach, preacher & soon to be author. He is all about breaking the mold to traditional business, branding & life. Paul helps his clients define and express their core message and image through Social Media and other online platforms. He also helps people discover their passions and skills and make them profitable. Paul shares his “street smarts” training on his Rule Your Realm blog. It’s time to #RuleYourRealm!

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